Quick Show Report

Well, my show closed Saturday, and we spent Sunday and Monday striking the set and getting the costumes into bags to be washed or dry-cleaned, so I finally have a moment to report.

We actually were on TV, one of the local 'morning news' shows, and this link
has (at the current time, anyway) a clip which includes one number from the show (it's called 'Bandarlog Rock'; the two blond monkey girls – Paris and Nicole – are just as air-headed as you might expect, and the two with banana crowns are the King and Queen of the Bandarlog…).  If you look really carefully toward the end of the segment, you can actually see me, sitting down a long way behind the shoulder of one of the little monkeys, wearing a wine-colored shirt, so I guess I've had my 15 seconds of fame.
In all, it went pretty well, and I got lots of compliments on the costumes.  I'll post some further pictures in a day or so, once I've caught up on sleep…

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