Splish, Splash…

Oh joy, oh rapture!

They just restarted to fountain outside my office, after weeks of non-operation.  What's even better is that all twelve of the water jets now work, instead of only one or two out of each bank of three.  I don't have much time to sit and contemplate the water flow and the splashing, much as I'd like to while, say, eating my lunch.  But I take great pleasure from the fountain whenever I have to walk by it on the way to another building.

To tell the truth, I'd despaired of the fountain ever starting up again.  It has to be shut down every so often and worked over, with our hard water, and it's an expense I really expected the company to decide they couldn't afford, especially since it's not visible to customers or people going by on the street, only employees.  But there it is, splashing away, working better than ever.

Maybe I just needed to trust a little more.  Just because I didn't see anybody working on the fountain didn't mean they weren't.  And possibly I'm not the only person who enjoys that fountain — maybe somebody with authority to sign maintenance contracts does, too.

Patience is a virtue, so we're told.  And what looks like a problem may mask an otherwise-invisible growth or repair, going on deep down inside, just waiting to someday splash in the sun…

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2 Responses to Splish, Splash…

  1. Lauri says:

    I love your wisdom! How often I tell myself that very thing. Patience, wait and things will work out as they should. Hooray for your happily splashing fountain! πŸ™‚

  2. mariser says:

    so glad you got your fountain back. there is *something* about the sound and look of moving water that is inspiring.and I don't thing the fountain was repaired for anyone else's benefit. just you πŸ˜€

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