Insoluble Mysteries…

Today is my day for unsolvable mysteries.  (Yes, I do know the difference; my subconscious just came up with the won't-go-into-solution version instead of the can't-find-a-solution one and I liked it, probably because the sound is rounder…)

First there was an oversized load, wrapped in tarps on a truck with flashing lights and led and followed by flashing-lighted escorts, on the freeway coming to work.  Couldn't see anything at all except that it was Big, and the fact that it was being moved at oh-dark-thirty means that it really exceeded the lane width.

Then, as I'm riding the company shuttle down to our other campus to have a 'performance review' with my boss, there are three guys loading some sort of techy equipment on one of the company trucks.  It was about the size and shape of a desk, but with two paddle-ish-shaped extensions sticking up out of the top.  Think the Ark of the Covenant wrapped in lots of cardboard and clear packing tape.  If we didn't know for sure that the AotC is in a government warehouse in Virginia, I'd think that's what it was, except the 'angels' would have to be pretty flat.

And finally, there was a group of about eight or ten guys standing around a car outside the other office building, taking turns getting plain cardboard boxes out of the open trunk, and carrying them inside.  Again, no clue what was in the boxes, except that there was a good-sized ice chest in the trunk, too, but no one seemed to be picking that up.  We're not allowed to transport company property in private vehicles, and the boxes were going in, not out, so it wasn't somebody retiring, either.

I'm one of those people who wants to know what's happening, 24/7.  But every once in a while, life presents you with Churchill's Russia - "a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma" – and there's not a darned thing you can do about it.  Except exercise your imagination, maybe.  I have thought up all sorts of probable and improbable scenarios for all three events (see AotC discussion, above), which has been kind of fun, to tell the truth.  Adventure, even of the purely mental kind (or kink, as I nearly typed) is where you find it.

Or, of course, I could always make a blog entry out of it…

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One Response to Insoluble Mysteries…

  1. Lauri says:

    Speaking of boggling the mind…or is that blogging the mind? This is an interesting post, also! Hmmm….Martians?

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